I am a solitary witch living on Canada’s Atlantic Coast. I’ve been practicing for close to 20 years, if I include the times when I did lose “my witchy” which has occasionally happens. I’ve been on my journey, exploring various paths. I have come to Traditional Witchcraft and 1734 because they were what resounded with my spirit. I honor my ancestors often and not just at Samhain/Hallowe’en, when most Neo-Pagans do. I’m also learning Hoodoo/Conjure, as well.

I’ve tried the Neo-Pagan route and after a while I lost interest in it. There are things that I still hold onto, but it wasn’t really a path for me. I find here in my local community, no one likes to get their hands dirty, everything has to be “safe”. It’s almost like a dirty little secret if you perform rites that use blood and other bodily fluids.

I previously had a blog before and in the few years that I have let it go, I feel I have changed from that person. It’s still up and if people like what I wrote, kudos to them. I still have my opinions about some of the topics I wrote there, like the whole New Age hooey that has infiltrated modern Paganism. I do not use crystals in my workings, nor do I use Reiki or any other New Age practice that gets commonly mistaken for being Pagan these days. I do use, however, stones. Yep, plain old stones that I see lying around on the ground. And I use sticks, twigs, branches, bones, etc. These are some of my tools that I use.  As of this posting, I do not dress up in robes and capes to do my workings or wear a bunch of tacky jewelry. I know who I am, those around me know who I am, I don’t need any type of costume to validate who I am or what I practice. Costumes and capes are for Hallowe’en, but as time goes on, my opinion on this may change.

I’m going to try to post on here as often as I can. I want to share with you things that I’m doing, books I’m reading and what podcasts I’m listening to. I may not post for a period of time, sometimes life does have this funny thing of getting in the way. I hope you like this newer blog and that you read it and get something useful from it. I will be putting this post in the About Me page.

Flags, Flax and Fodder



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