My Fluffy Bunny Post

Frank the bunny

So, I feel like a little kid who’s excited about trying something new for the first time. I got my witchy back and I want to dive head first back into things. I should ease back into things but I’m excited or ecstatic as my son says.  As much as I love the winter and all the snow we’ve been getting this year, it’s kind of hindering me from foraging for things : sticks, stones, bones, etc. It’s hard to look for things under 30cm of snow. I do have a few rocks that I’ve picked up at my favorite beach, along with shells, coral from a trip to the DR a couple of years ago. Somewhere, I do have some feathers that are in good shape, that my cat hasn’t gotten to yet.

I’m hoping to do some nature walks next week when I go away to New Brunswick. There is a huge nature reserve owned by the university for their forest ranger school. There are trails, ponds and lots of wildlife. I was only there once before, in the last days of summer & I was an All-You-Can-Eat buffet for the mosquitos. I’m hoping to go again for a wintry hike & take a few pix, too.  As soon as the snow melts & temperatures warm up, I’ll be on the hunt for a stang to use as an altar. I have a clear image in my mind of how it looks. I will also be on the hunt (asking my friends who hunt, more like it) if they have any deer skulls or antlers they want to get rid of. I want a skull big enough to fit on my stang.

There is a leather/tannery shop in my city that I’m planning on going to soon. They sell skins, leather ties, furs and other bits & bobs. I first discovered this store with my best friend when she was picking up some crafting supplies a few months ago. I’d like to make a leather pouch, sorta like a medicine bag, but a witchy bag to carry my things, when I go to rituals or do my private rites for my ancestors.

Yes, I’m diving back in, head first and I want to get my hands dirty. I feel the call in my blood & in my bones to reconnect with the lands and its spirits.


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