Old Treasures Become New

So this has been an interesting week for me. I made a Facebook page for my blog and since last Monday, I have over 30 “Likes”. Not too shabby, IMO for a newish blog. I’ve also tried to record a video for the page (and for here) about my bookcase, in case you all were wondering what kinds of witchy books I’ve read. I do have my occult books in PDF formats, as I have downloaded them from the archives of the Yahoo groups I belong to. I also have a DVD-ROM that was given to me years ago with a collection of occult books that I should go into & take a gander at. I also have a binder filled with printed copies of letters from Robert Cochrane (AKA Roy Bowers) to Joseph “Bearwalker” Wilson and his articles for Pentacle Magazine. The video didn’t go quite as planned, as I used my son’s iPod, since my 5th gen Touch only has a Facetime camera. It was a bit shaky and I think I pronounced a few author’s names incorrectly. I will try to record a better video in the coming days.

So, because of my amateur video making, I re-discovered some books I haven’t read in a while, as well as the binder I mentioned above. I’m going to go back and re-read the book that started me on my path to Trad Craft, “Witchcraft: A Tradition Renewed” by Evan John Jones and Doreen Valiente.


I found an old copy of this book in a used bookstore and it fascinated me. It was so different from all the witchy 101 books that are so prevalent nowadays. There were stangs, magisters, compasses (I think…..it’s been a few years).  I had heard of Robert Cochrane before, but not really a lot, just that he died after having an overdose of Belladonna and how Gardner strongly disliked him. After reading this book, I tried to see if anyone in my local community knew anything about Trad Craft or 1734. Not really, all I got were responses that they’ve either never heard of 1734 or that Cochrane was a hack. So, I decided to go out on a limb and read up on what I could, find folks on Facebook who could help. I was directed to some lovely groups who are still helping me with all the riddles and recommending some really awesome books to read. I joined a few Yahoo groups (yes, they’re still out there after all this time) and I’ve been devouring everything I can read.

So, you’re probably think that all I do is read, peruse my groups, read blogs and is an “Armchair Pagan” Not so. I may have been stuck indoors this unusually cold & stormy winter here on the Atlantic coast, but that didn’t stop me form getting my witchy on. I had a lot of spare time with hours cut back at work. Yes, I couldn’t get out to find my perfect ritual space (see 2 posts ago) but my livingroom made due. I may not have a stang in the purest sense, but I do have a 4′ staff that was a suitable substitute. Without the help of a proper working group (or a Cuveen), I taught myself how to Lay the Compass, Tread the Mill and other practices that I read about & incorporated into my practice. Even as I’m blogging, I have a few tabs open to peruse when I get stuck. It’s sort of like inspiration for me.




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