About Me

I’ve been a solitary, eclectic pagan for about 20+ years, starting back in Hairdressing school when I was introduced to a local coven & participated in my first ritual. I have always felt that Christianity wasn’t the right fit for me, even though I did the church thing. I’ve also been reading the Tarot since my senior year of high school when my brother’s then girlfriend got me 3 decks for Christmas.

I’d like to consider myself a practitioner of Traditional Witchcraft. I’m not Wiccan & I’m not into a lot of New Age hoo-ha that has infiltrated Paganism. I’m currently reading books on Traditional Witchcraft, by authors such as Gemma Gary, Paul Huson, Michael Howard, Nigel Pearson, Claude Lecouteaux and the late Peter Paddon. I also read & follow blogs on the topic of Trad. Craft. I tend to stay away Llewellyn books, as I tend to find them on the “Fluffy” side of things.

In my spiritual path, I follow druidry. I don’t mix the 2 paths as they’re very different. Druidry is my religion, whilst Trad. Craft is my practice. I don’t find it at all difficult to separate the 2.



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